Navigate the New Home Screen

The Home screen is the new startup screen of AdminPlus 6. It combines the familiar functionality of the classic Address screen and Lookup feature with a new, easy-to-navigate interface that quickly presents you with more information on students, staff members, and the school at a glance. The screen is organized into the Quick View Dashboard and the new Lookup screen.

Home Screen

To manually launch the Home screen at startup, do one of the following:

  • Click the Home screen icon Home Screen Icon on the Shortcut Bar.
  • Right-click the AdminPlus background, and then click Home.

To automatically launch the Home screen at startup, do the following:

  • Click View > Startup Program(s) > Home.

    If you prefer to display the classic Address screen at startup, click the Demographics option in the Home screen, or click View > Startup Program(s) > Addresses to have the Address screen launch automatically upon login. You can also completely close the Home screen and run AdminPlus 6 like AdminPlus 5.

This topic was last updated on February 08, 2019.

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