Student Snapshot

Once you select a student from the Quick View Dashboard on the Home Screen, your school logo and dashboard will be replaced by the Student Snapshot. The Student Snapshot is divided into three areas, explained below.

Student Dashboard

In the first Snapshot area, you can view and perform the following:

  • Select up to three demographic fields to view at all times on any student
  • View the student’s name, address, and ID number
  • Display the Alert icon if the student has any Alert fields
  • Email, edit, or deactivate the student if needed
  • Show data verification status. (The icon will be a note if done manually or a cloud if done online.)

Student Dashboard

In the second Snapshot area, you can view and quickly identify all of a student’s contacts in one area. You can click any of the contacts to see their information. You can also:

  • Access the master contacts list
  • Email any of the contacts easily
  • Create a new contact for the student
  • Access SuperDB tables for the student

In the third area, you can add up to six fields in one column or up to 12 fields in two columns for viewing. You can display information from any of the AdminPlus modules, including Data Base, Attendance, Report Cards, Scheduling, Discipline, and Billing.

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