Shortcut Icons and Hot Keys

AdminPlus 6 has a new set of shortcut icons and hot keys that make it easy for you to access and edit student or staff information across modules. To take advantage of many of these shortcuts, you must first select a student or staff member.

Shortcut Icons
Portfolio Icon

Access a student or staff member's portfolio.

Household Icon

Identify all members of a student’s household in a school or district with one click.

Settings Icon

Manipulate your settings for the Address screen, including default screens and values.

Print Icon

Quickly print or modify the selected student or staff member's data report. When you switch between modules after selecting a student or staff member, the icon will print a data report based on the current module task selected. For example, if you were viewing a list of disciplinary incidents, you could click the print icon to print an incident report, or if you were viewing invoices, you could print an invoice report.

Excel Icon

Send current Lookup View to Excel.

Other Options Icon

Perform batch entries, and move or delete data.

Holding Bin Icon

Review new or revised data received from APWeb Online Forms.


Hot keys
DB Hot Key

Edit the selected student's name, or add a new student.

Attendance Hot Key

Daily Attendance: Pull up the selected student or staff member's editable attendance record.

Report Cards Hot Key

Report Cards: View the selected student's editable grades in transcript format.

Scheduling Hot Key

Scheduling: Display the student or staff member's schedule in line or grid format.

When you click this hot key, the following additional hot keys appear:

Line Schedule Hot Key

Toggle to line schedule.

Grid Schedule Hot Key

Toggle to grid schedule.

Speed Schedule Hot Key

Speed-schedule the student.

Discipline Hot Key

Discipline: Show incident and penalty totals for the student.

Billing Hot Key

Billing: Access all the invoices and billing summary for that student.

Pictures Hot Key

Pictures Plus: Create ID cards.

Attendance Hot Key

Period Attendance: Open period attendance totals by class.

Payments Hot Key

Fast Payments: Quickly apply payments to the selected student's billing records.

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