Set up an Alert Field

Alert fields can be used to highlight critical demographic fields when a student or a staff member is selected in the Address screen.


For instance, you could set ALLERGIES as an Alert field and have an Alert icon appear in the Student Snapshot area (along with an optional a pop-up message) every time a student who has an allergy is selected.

Alert Field Example

To set an Alert field, do the following:

  1. Click Data Base on the Shortcut Bar, and then click Address.
  2. Click a student or staff member.
  3. Right-click the demographic field to be set as an alert, and then click Set As Alert Field.

    Set Alert Field

You only need to set an Alert field once in the student or staff database to have the field apply to all individuals in the group.

If a person doesn't have relevant information for the Alert field (for example, a student doesn't have an allergy for the ALLERGIES field), leave the field blank, and don't add any fillers, such as "N/A" or "None." AdminPlus considers any information added to an Alert field as relevant, so it's best to leave it blank if someone doesn't qualify.

To disable the Alert pop-up box, clear the Automatically Display ALERT Messages check box the next time the box appears. To turn it back on, click the Alert icon Alert Icon in the Student Snapshot area to display the pop-up box again, and then select the same check box.

Alert Field Pop-up

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