Edit Demographic Information

Using the Quick Lookup feature, you can quickly browse students or staff as you edit information about them. This can be useful when you need to edit demographic information for several people at a time.

  1. Click Data Base on the Shortcut Bar, and then click Address.
  2. Double-click a student or staff member.

    Once you double-click a student, you can edit demographic information about him or her on the right while browsing other students on the left using Quick Lookup. You can continue to search for other students and apply any filters or Views you created previously in Lookup.

    Quick Lookup

    Any demographic category column you select while in the Lookup screen appears as a secondary column in Quick Lookup along with the default Name column. In the following example, the STUDENT CITY column was selected in Lookup, so it appears as a secondary column in Quick Lookup.

    Quick Lookup

  3. Click a demographic tab.
  4. Click a field, enter information, and either press Enter to continue to the next field, or click Accept at the bottom right to finish editing.

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