The Student Snapshot

When you select a student from the Home screen, the Quickview dashboard is replaced with the Student Snapshot. The Student Snapshot is divided into three sections, explained by the diagrams and tables below.

Left section of the Student Snapshot

Left Section of the Student Snapshot

View the student’s name, address, and up to three demographic fields. If the student has any alerts, you can click Alert icon to view them. (For more information, see Set an Alert Field.)


View the student's APID number and data verification status. (The status icon will have a check mark if verified manually or a cloud if verified in Online Forms and received from the holding bin.)

If the Student Snapshot does not show the data verification status icon, click Settings icon in the upper-right of the Lookup or Demographics screen . In the Specifications: Demographics dialog box, click Page 2, and for Show Parent Verification Status, click Yes. Then, click Done.


Email the student (Email icon), edit the student's information (Edit icon), inactivate the student (Inactivate icon), or add a student (Add icon).

D Change the demographic fields displayed.

Middle and right sections of the Student Snapshot

Middle and Right Sections of the Student Snapshot

View the student's contacts and access a contact's information by clicking their name. To view all the student's contacts' information, click Contacts. To add a new contact, click New.

For more information about contacts, such as adding a contact for a student or removing a contact from a student's household, see the Manage Contacts chapter in the AdminPlus Contact Data Base guide.

Contacts with H icon next to their name live in the student's household.

F Email the contact.
G Open the most recently viewed SuperDB table.
H View all SuperDB tables.
I Display information from the AdminPlus modules. You can display up to six fields in one column or up to 12 fields in two columns.

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