AdminPlus 6 Overview

AP6 Overview Diagram

Thank you for purchasing AdminPlus 6 from Rediker Software, Inc. We’re excited to present you with the next generation of Administrator’s Plus, featuring a major visual update with new screens, icons, and color schemes. Informed by feedback from customers like you, we have worked to maximize your single-screen experience. We have accomplished this without compromising any of the functionality you've depended on in previous versions of Administrator's Plus.

Same Functionality, New Design

If you had been using Administrator's Plus 5, you'll find that AdminPlus 6 has, in addition to offering so many powerful new features, retained all of the great components of version 5. Some of these classic version 5 features are right-clicking to access shortcuts and editing options, Lookup, the Address screen, the Shortcut Bar, icons and hot keys (now visually enhanced), and the Excel Wizard.

Core New Features

AdminPlus 6 improves upon previous versions of the software by making it easier for you to view and edit information about your students and staff across different modules. In the new Home screen, you can quickly browse students or staff and view or edit demographic information about them right away. You can also readily visualize important school metrics, such as attendance and tardiness trends, through dynamic statistical graphs. The newly redesigned Lookup enables you to create and customize different Views to display only the demographic information pertinent to a given situation. With the new Favorites feature, accessing the tasks you most frequently use is only a click away. AdminPlus 6 empowers you to get your top priority tasks done more efficiently and effectively, saving you precious time and resources.

This topic was last updated on February 12, 2019.

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