The Home Screen

The Home screen is the startup screen of AdminPlus 6. It provides information on students, staff members, and the school at a glance. The screen is organized into The Quickview Dashboard and The Lookup Screen.

Home Screen

Manually Launch the Home Screen

To manually launch the Home screen at startup, do one of the following:

  • Click the Home screen icon Home Screen Icon on the Shortcut Bar.
  • Right-click the AdminPlus background, and then click Home.

Automatically Launch the Home Screen

To automatically launch the Home screen at startup, do the following:

  • Click View > Startup Program(s) > Home.

    If you prefer to display the classic Address screen at startup, click the Demographics option in the Home screen, or click View > Startup Program(s) > Addresses to have the Address screen launch automatically upon login. You can also completely close the Home screen and run AdminPlus 6 like AdminPlus 5.

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