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Once you've sent a notification, you can check its detailed delivery status for each notification type as well as see if any recipients have failed to receive the notification. You can also access a detailed report log of the content of any notifications sent to date.

Check General Notification Job Status

  1. In the lower-left corner of the Send Notifications screen, click Management.
  2. Click Job status reports, and then click Next.

    The Main Report screen appears.The most recent jobs submitted are listed in the Message Name column, organized by notification type. The status of each notification job type is listed in the columns on the right, organized under its respective notification type column.

    Job Status Report

    You can save the status report as an Excel .csv file by clicking the Excel link, located on the far right.

To view a notification's "Sent" or "Failed" job status by recipient, do the following:

  1. On the Main Report screen, click the notification type in the Message Name column.

    Notification Types

  2. Click the number in the OrderID column.
  3. To see which jobs have been successfully sent and to which recipients, click the percentage link under the Sent column.

    Sent and Failed Notification Jobs

  4. To see which recipients have failed to receive the notification, click the percentage link in the Failed column.

    Failed Job Report

    This feature enables you to see which recipients have failed to receive a notification and why. The delivery failure error message is listed in the Error column (for example, "Invalid Phone Number"). Depending upon what the error is, the recommended approach is to fix the error (for example, correct a bad phone number or e-mail in AdminPlus) and then send another notification specifically to the people who failed to receive the notification. Make sure to send only the notification type that you had problems with (for instance, voice message) in order to prevent duplicate messages for notification types that were sent successfully in the first place.

Access a Detailed Content Report of Sent Notifications

  1. In the lower-left corner ofn the Send Notifications screen, click Management.
  2. Click AdminPlus Notify usage log, and then click Next.

    The usage log appears with detailed information about the content of notifications that have been sent, including:

    • Sender, school, and user information
    • The content of emails, text messages, and text-to-voice messages
    • The voice recording ID of recorded messages sent
    • Delivery settings
    • Notification processing messages
    • Usage Log Report

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