Manage Lists: An Overview

With AdminPlus Notify, you can manage any recipient lists you've saved during the notification creation process. With the list management feature, you can do the following to your existing lists:

  • Edit
  • Replace
  • Manually dedup
  • Rename
  • Replace with a .csv list file from your machine
  • Delete (individually or in bulk)
  • Create new lists
  • Download as a .csv file
  • Upload a .csv list file

You can access the List Management screen from the Send Notifications screen by clicking Management > List management, and then clicking Next. All of the lists you've created to date are shown on the List Management screen under List Library.

List Management

Clicking a List Name link downloads the list as an Excel .csv file. To the right of the list in the Shortcuts column, you can rename and delete a list, as well as replace it with a .csv list file from your machine. Using the blue buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can upload a new list (a .csv file), bulk delete any lists you've selected using the check boxes to the left of the List ID column, and create a new list. You can also create a new list directly from the Send Notifications screen. For more information on saving a list of recipients for later use, see Create a Recipient List.

Clicking a List ID link takes you to the List ID screen, where you can see the list's properties as well as edit, replace, and dedup the list at the top of the screen.

List ID Screen

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