Install and Activate AdminPlus Notify

You can download AdminPlus Notify from our website, and you can activate the application from AdminPlus. If your version of AdminPlus is hosted on the cloud, AdminPlus Notify will already be installed for you.

You must be logged in as the Supervisor in order to install and activate AdminPlus Notify.

Download and Install or Update AdminPlus Notify

  1. On the AdminPlus toolbar, click Help, and then click Update.

    Download/Update AdminPlus Notify

  2. On our Downloads page, click the download link for AdminPlus Notify, and then fill out the required information to initiate the download.
  3. Double-click the AdminPlus installation file on your machine, and follow the installation prompts.
  4. When the yellow update utility dialog box appears, click Browse to locate your RS4 folder, and then click Continue.

    Browse for RS4 Folder

  5. After completing the installation, proceed with the activation process.

Activate AdminPlus Notify

  1. On the AdminPlus toolbar, click Help, and then click About.

    To check if AdminPlus Notify is already activated for your school, locate the initials NS in the list of installed modules in the About dialog box (NS stands for Notify Service).

    Check AdminPlus Notify Activation

  2. At the bottom of the About dialog box, click Activate.
  3. Enter the Activate Code and Program Key found in your AdminPlus Notify order email, and click Done.

    Enter AdminPlus Notify License

  4. To launch AdminPlus Notify, click the chat bubble Quick Launch iconAP Notify Icon at the upper-right corner of AdminPlus.

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