Notifications Screen Commands

The AdminPlus Notify interface, the Send Notifications screen, is divided into three areas, where you can select the type of notification you want to send, draft your notification, and view selected recipients. You can manage previously sent notifications, add recipients to your notification, save a list of recipients to contact at a later date, and send your notification using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The following diagram illustrates the main features of the Send Notifications screen.

Send Notifications Screen

  The Send Notifications Screen Main Functions
A Notification Type Area: Select one or multiple notification types.

Compose Message Area: Type your message in the tab that corresponds with the notification type you've selected.


Recipients Area: Recipients you've added to your notification appear here. Select the check box for any recipients you'd like to remove. Only selected recipients will receive your notification. You can click a column header to sort recipients based on that column's value. Clicking the column header alternates between sorting recipients in ascending and descending order.

D Specifications: Configure AdminPlus Notify and specify a recipient's contact information.
E Management: Manage your sent notifications and recipient lists.

Add Recipients: Add a student, contact, or staff recipient from AdminPlus or manually enter a recipient.


Save As List: Save the selected recipients in the Recipient Area as a list for later use when sending a voice message notification remotely from a phone.

Recipient lists are saved for voice messages only. The Save as List button is disabled until you click Voice Message for your notification type.


Recipient Search Box: Search for a recipient by a value based on the column you've used to sort recipients in the Recipient Area.

I Next [F10]: Proceed with sending the notification.

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