You can link your class in TeacherPlus Gradebook to an existing class in Google Classroom. Before you start, there are a number of prerequisites:


  • The Google Classroom integration must be enabled in the TeacherPlus Management site.
  • The primary teacher, and all co-teachers, must have Google accounts.
  • The Gradebook in TeacherPlus must have a corresponding Google Classroom.
  • Each student must have a Google account associated with the email address in their AdminPlus Database information.

Link a Gradebook to a Class

To link a Gradebook to a class in Google Classroom, do the following:

  1. In the Score Column Header, to the right of the Gradebook's class name, find the Google Classroom Button:

    Important: To view the full Google Classroom Status, hover over the Google Classroom Button.

    Google Classroom Button TypeStatusAction

    You are not currently logged into Google Classroom.

    To link your gradebook to Google Classroom, see Link the TeacherPlus Gradebook to Google Classroom .

    This Gradebook is not linked to any class in Google Classroom.


    This Gradebook is linked to class [Class Name] in Google Classroom.

    Click the  Google Classroom Button, and then proceed to step 2.


    You have already linked this Gradebook to a class in Google Classroom. If necessary, you can Unlink a Gradebook from a Class in Google Classroom .

  2. In the Link class in Google Classroom dialog box, under Classes in Google Classroom, click the class you want to link with your Gradebook, and then click Link.

    Tip: If the class doesn't exist yet, you can click Create New Class to access Google Classroom, where you can create and join classes.

  3. In the Confirmation dialog box, click Yes.

  4. If any students do not have a valid e-mail address, the Google Classroom Invitation dialog box appears and notifies you that One or more students were not sent invitations(with the number of students highlighted). The affected students are listed in the dialog box. Click OK to dismiss this notification.

    Important: After you receive a valid e-mail address, these students can be invited to the class using the Google Classroom's Class Code.

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