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Schools are facing new challenges as they plan for the return of students and staff this fall. Communication will play a vital role in keeping staff and families up to date on the latest school developments. Schools planning a full or partial return will be facing the additional challenge of monitoring the health of staff and students. These monitoring tasks may include screenings, specialized attendance tracking, contact tracing, quarantine management, and data reporting.

The sections below contain links to product information and documentation that will help your school implement the appropriate changes to its current setup to meet new requirements.

Refer to the Official Guidance

Following the proper guidance is key to preventing a COVID-19 outbreak at your school. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published guidelines for schools K-12 to help them avoid an outbreak or respond appropriately if an outbreak occurs. We recommend following these guidelines as well as any relevant directives from local and state officials.

School Notification System
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Guidance for Schools

Communicate With Your School Community

When the school year begins this fall, communicating with parents, students, and staff will be crucial to keeping your school community informed and safe. At the school or district level, you can inform your community members of procedural changes or confirmed cases using AP Notify, which allows you to send community-wide emails, texts, and voice messages. At the school level, you can keep parents, students, and staff informed by using PlusPortals to send emails and messages and post alerts. With the new Push Notifications feature, administrators can ensure that parents don't miss important messages by sending push notifications to their mobile devices through the ParentPlus app.

School Notification System
AdminPlus Notify: School Notification System

AdminPlus Notify gives you the ability to quickly notify thousands of contacts within your school community via email, text, and voice message without having to import data or leave AdminPlus.

Push Notifications
PlusPortals: Push Notifications

Your school can send push notifications for urgent communications, such as e-mails and messages, directly to parents' mobile devices.

E-Mails and Messages
PlusPortals: E-Mails and Messages

You can communicate with your school community using e-mails and messages. E-mails are sent to a user's personal e-mail inbox and their portal inbox while messages are only sent to a user's portal inbox.

Announcements, Alerts, and Notifications
PlusPortals: Mass Communication System

Announcements appear on the PlusPortals home page where they are visible to the public. Notifications and alerts appear in a panel on the home page of the portals, with alerts highlighted in red to indicate their higher importance.

Screen Students, Staff, and Visitors

Schools planning a full or partial return face the challenge of monitoring the health of their school community. Regular home screenings for students and staff can be an important part of a comprehensive return plan.

   For more information on the CDC's screening guidance, consult the Screening K-12 Students for Symptoms of COVID-19: Limitations and Considerations document.

PlusPortals: Health Questionnaire

To help schools participating in at-home screening, we added the Health Questionnaire feature, a screening form based on CDC guidelines. Administrators can enable the Health Questionnaire in PlusPortals Manager, make it required for parents and/or teachers, and control the distribution frequency. While the Health Questionnaire is active, the PlusPortals website will redirect parents and teachers to it when they log in.

Announcements, Alerts, and Notifications
AdminPlus: Online Forms Health Screening

Read the article below to learn how to create a health screening form using AdminPlus Online Forms. We'll walk you through the steps for creating the CDC form, Daily Home Screening for Students, following the checklist format with validated fields providing a yes-no option for parents. You can customize this form to suit your school's particular needs.

Contact Support

To protect their health, our employees will be working from home for the foreseeable future. We're committed to providing you with the same great support during this time. Instead of calling our 800 number, please contact support by creating a ticket or by emailing one of the support contacts.

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Monitor Absences

Your school may be required to provide reports on attendance patterns. You can use existing Attendance codes, or you can create codes specifically for tracking COVID-19 data (such as Absent High Temperature or Absent COVID). You can even use Attendance codes to track confirmed or pending COVID-19 cases and the quarantine status of school community members.

Create Custom Attendance Codes

Perform Contact Tracing

Despite preventative measures, schools that partially or fully re-open may have a student who is exhibiting symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19. In AdminPlus, you can run reports to identify students who share a bus, homeroom, and classes with the student and to access their parent/guardian contact information.

Generate Contact Tracing Reports