On the Approval Center page, you can view and manage the forms that have been published.
To open the Approval Center page, on the left navigation menu, click  Approval Center.

The left side lists the forms for students and staff.  The right side shows the information for the selected form. 
The diagram and table below describe the tasks you can perform from the Approval Center

Approval Center Page

Review Student or Staff forms

BSelect settings to use for forms being reviewed
Check to Allow Blanks to overwrite existing data in AdminPlus
Check to Convert case when received to AP (AdminPlus)

View Log


Select tab to review forms by their status

Submitted - forms submitted by users and have yet to be approved

Approved - forms approved in Approval Center and the data sent to AdminPlus

Received - data has been received into AdminPlus

Incomplete - forms users have started but not submitted

Deleted - forms that were deleted


Print selected forms

FDelete selected forms
GApprove Selected Forms

Alphabetically sort columns in ascending order () or descending order ().

IFilter column

View the highlighted form


Print the highlighted form

LDelete the highlighted form

Approve the highlighted form

Note: Data can be edited before Approving


Select items for approval.


Review current value of demographic data


Review new value 
Green indicates the value Edited in Online Forms

Yellow indicates the value Edited in Approval Center

Pink indicates the value is Read Only and can not be edited.

QEdit to change the value.