AdminPlus Online Forms

AdminPlus Online Forms are easy to create, customize, and share to collect data from parents, students, or staff.  

Product Documentation

AdminPlus Online Forms Guide

This user guide provides school administrators with an in-depth look at the AdminPlus Online Forms interface used to create a variety of online forms. Using Adm …

Manage AdminPlus Online Forms

This chapter provides an overview of the AdminPlus Forms Management page and describes the tasks you can perform from this page. AdminPlus Online Forms Guide ht …

Create AdminPlus Online Forms

This chapter provides an overview of the types of AdminPlus Online Forms you can create and describes the tasks for setting form specifications and adding conte …

Edit AdminPlus Online Forms

This chapter describes the tasks for editing online form specifications and form content and unlinking forms from schools, programs, and grade levels. AdminPlus …

Customize the AdminPlus Online Forms Website

In this chapter, you'll learn how to customize the appearance and content of the login and account page parents use to access their AdmissionsPlus Online Forms. …

Create and Manage E-Mail Templates for AdminPlus Online Forms

E-mail templates are used to create e-mails that your school's Office can send with forms, such as verification forms, and to create automatic e-mails sent in r …

E-Mail AdminPlus Online Forms and Manage Recipient Lists

In this chapter, you'll learn how to e-mail pre-populated forms, create recipient lists that you can reuse, and manage those lists. AdminPlus Online Forms Guide …

Manage AdminPlus Online Form Accounts

The topics in this chapter describe how to manage, and access AdminPlus Online Form Accounts for parents, students, and staff. AdminPlus Online Forms Guide http …

AdminPlus Online Forms Manage Payments

In this chapter, you'll learn how to manage submitted payments. AdminPlus Online Forms Guide …

Approval Center

On the Approval Center page, you can view and manage the forms that have been published. To open the Approval Center page, on the left navigation menu, click  A …


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