With AdmissionsPlus, it's easy to track and communicate with applicants through the admissions process, from initial inquiry through acceptance and enrollment.

Product Documentation

Get Started

Get started with AdmissionsPlus by customizing the dashboard, familiarizing yourself with the Prospect List page and Prospect Card, and setting your account pre …

Set Your Preferences

Personalize AdmissionsPlus by setting your preferences for the timezone, adding demographic fields, and more. Get Started …

Customize Your Data

Learn how to filter data and save it as a view. Views allow you to switch between collections of data without having to sort and filter each time. Get Started h …


Learn how to create an admissions program for prospects to apply through. Programs are organized into steps, which contain the admissions requirements prospects …

E-Mail Prospects and Contacts

You can email prospects and/or their contacts. After adding the recipients, type the email or load an email template you created, and send the email immediately …

Calendar and Events

This chapter covers how to organize calendar events by creating event categories, add events to the calendar, create a guestlist for the event, and send an emai …

Run the Lottery

Learn how to run a lottery to determine which prospects are offered admittance to your school. Get Started …


This chapter covers topics related to enrollment. Get Started Set Your Preferences https://docs. …

Import Files

Get Started Set Your Preferences …


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