To complete a report cards transfer, do the following:

  1. Update GPAs and credits in your current school year by using Stat Reps in Report Cards.
  2. Make sure all AdminPlus users are logged out of the system.
  3. Log in to AdminPlus as the Supervisor.
  4. In Report Cards, click Transfer.
  5. Once you're certain that no other users are logged in to AdminPlus, click Yes to confirm the Network Warning message.
  6. In the Specifications dialog box, configure the following settings:

    • Source Folder?: Select the current school year.
    • Source Grades?: Select the check box next to the grade levels you want to receive data from. For example, in a 9–12 grade school, select grades 9, 10, and 11.
    • Destination Folder?: Select the new school year.
    • Transfer Data Base Info?: Do one of the following:

      • Click Yes to and set the Selected Fields to complete a database transfer to the new year.
      • Click No to skip the database transfer process.

        Note: Consult your school administrators about the database transfer before overwriting data in the new year.

    • Archive Data During Transfer: Click Yes to archive transcript information.

  7. Click Done to begin the transfer process.

    Reminder message appears. If you haven't already, you must update GPAs in your current year before continuing with the report cards transfer.

  8. If you've already updated GPAs in the current year, click Yes to continue with the transfer.
  9. Click 1. Begin Transfer, and click Next.

After the transfer completes, a report appears showing a list of data that did not transfer successfully. If a student’s information didn't transfer that needs to be transferred, click 2. Individual student override.

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