After you change your active year in AdminPlus, copy your AdminPlus Online Forms files from the previous year so that you can send and receive forms in the new year.


Before you roll over AdminPlus Online Forms, you must have completed the following tasks in AdminPlus:

Copy Master Data to New Year

First, you'll copy all forms and settings from the previous year to the new year. It's recommended that you create a backup before copying master data so you can roll back your active year to make edits without overwriting changes in the new year.

  1. On the AdminPlus toolbar, select the new year using the drop-down list.

  2. Click Tools > AP Online Forms Manager.

    The Copy Master Data From Previous Year to Current Year dialog box appears if this is the first time you've accessed the AP Online Forms Manager after changing your active year to the new year. By default, the Current Active Year is set to your new year and the Previous Active Year is set to the school year that has ended.

  3. Click Copy Master Data [F10].

    Warning: If you've already copied master data from the previous year to the new year, click Continue without copying Master Data. Making changes to forms in the previous year and then copying master data again will damage files by overwrite any changes you've made in the new year.

    If you're a non-cloud school and you've skipped the Copy Master Data process after changing your active year, you'll have to perform a manual file transfer. Navigate to your RS4 > Online Apps > [School Name] > [Previous Year] folder. Then copy the following files and paste them in your RS4 > OnlineApps > [School Name] > [New Year] folder:

    • EmailTemplateFiles Folder

    • AP_FormInfo.XML

    • AP_OnlineForms.ini

    • DiscountCodes.XML

    • EmailTemplates.XML

    • GeneralSettings.FUT

    • OnlineForms.ini

    • OnlineFormsPageSetup.FUT

    • OnlineRegFormMaster.xml

    • OnlineRegStatus.FUT

    • Webservicesettings.ini

  4. Click Yes to confirm the Backup Warning message.

    Warning: Rolling back your active year to make edits without creating a backup will overwrite data in the new year. If you plan to make changes in the previous year after copying master data to the new year, create a backup before continuing.

    The Information dialog box appears to confirm that master data has been successfully copied to the new year. When you click Done, the Syncing with the Online Forms Server dialog box appears to complete syncing master data.

Enable Other Years for AdminPlus Online Forms

When you change your active year, AdminPlus Online Forms can no longer access previously published forms. If you have forms published in the previous year, you need to enable that year in order to send and receive forms in the new active year.

  1. In the AP Online Forms Manager, select 5. Send E-Mails to Fill in Forms in the left column, and then click F. Spec: Show Recipients from Which Year in the right column.

  2. Select the check boxes for the years you'd like to access in AdminPlus Online Forms, and then click Done [F10].

    A summary of the data you will receive from each year appears when you select the corresponding check box.

Perform a Complete Sync

After you enable other years for AdminPlus Online Forms, you need to sync changes with the server.

  1. In the AP Online Forms Manager, select 9. Sync with the Online Forms Server in the left column, and then click A. Sync All: Complete in the right column.

  2. Click Yes to confirm the Synchronize Data Warning message and synchronize data with the server.
  3. Click Sync now.

    A message appears when the Sync program successfully completes.

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