The new year process prepares your school's AdminPlus data for the new school year. You can start the new year process at any time during the current (active) school year.

When the active school year ends, you transfer database and report card data to the new school year using the End of Year Process.

Warning: You must complete the new year process before you begin the end of year process. If you complete end of year tasks while the active year is still in session, and then make changes to the active year, those changes will overwrite data in the new year.

The following tasks are required for the new year process and must be performed in the order they're listed:

  1. Create and Schedule a Backup.

    Warning: We highly recommend that you protect your school's data by creating a backup and scheduling automatic backups.

  2. Create a New Year and Promote Students.
  3. Schedule students using one of the following tasks:

The table below lists additional tasks that may be required depending on your school's setup.


Sync Scheduling Year Students and Parents to the PlusPortals.

Important: Complete this task before you perform other tasks listed in this table.

Schools that want to allow parents and students from the scheduling year to access PlusPortals course request forms before the active year ends

In the new (scheduling) year, Move Applicants from Admissions Plus Pro to AdminPlus .

Schools that use Admissions Plus Pro to admit new students

Send PlusPortals Login Credentials to Users.

Schools that want to provide new parents and students with access to their PlusPortals accounts

Enable New Year Transition Mode in PlusPortals Manager.

Schools that want to hide new year scheduling information in the student, parent, and teacher portals until schedules are finalized