Once a student is accepted to your school, you can add the student to the new school year in AdminPlus. To carry out this process, you need to map your current Admissions Plus Pro school year to the corresponding AdminPlus school year. You can also map Admissions Plus Pro and AdminPlus database fields to send this data along with accepted students. Once you've completed these steps, you can send students from the Enrollment Center in Admissions Plus Pro to the Admissions Holding Bin in AdminPlus. Students are held there until you approve their admission in AdminPlus.

Map Admissions Plus Pro and AdminPlus School Years

Before sending students from Admissions Plus Pro to AdminPlus, ensure that you've correctly mapped schools years in the Setup Center. To map school years, do the following:

  1. Click Setup, and then in the Setup Center, click Send to SIS.

  2. In the Admissions Schools column of the School Mapping box, click the Admissions Plus Pro year that you want to map to AdminPlus.
  3. In the AP Schools column, double-click to open the Select Administrator’s Plus School Year dialog box.
  4. Next to the Administrator’s Plus folder location box, click , click the corresponding RS4 folder, and then click OK.
  5. In Schools and Years, select a school year check box, and then click Accept [F10].

    Note: This process maps the school year between Admissions Plus Pro and AdminPlus, as well as any shared grade levels and database fields. Database fields must have the exact same name and position to be mapped during this process. To map Database Fields missed by this process, see "Map Admissions Plus Pro and AdminPlus Database Fields."

Map Admissions Plus Pro and AdminPlus Database Fields

If you've added student data to Admissions Plus Pro, you can send it to AdminPlus with the accepted students. Some of these fields are mapped when you map school years; however, you aren't limited to those database fields. To map additional database fields, do the following:

  1. Click Setup, and then in the Setup Center, click Send to SIS.
  2. At the lower-right side of the Send to SIS tab, click any of the following tabs:

    • Student Demographic Fields (Default)
    • Contact Fields
    • Admissions Fields
    • Staff Demographic Fields

  3. Next to the Admissions field you want to send to AdminPlus, double-click a field in AP Fields, click a field in the Select Field dialog box, and then click Done [F10].

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any field you want to include when you send students from Admissions Plus Pro to AdminPlus.

Send Students from Admission Plus Pro to AdminPlus

After you map school years, grade levels, and database fields, you can send admitted students to AdminPlus. From the Enrollment Center, you can select which students you want to send to the Admissions Holding Bin in AdminPlus.

Note: When a student completes the enrollment step, the Ready for Enrollment check box is automatically selected. This sends the student to the Enrollment Center. You can apply the enrollment step designation to any step in the admissions process.

  1. Click Enroll, and then, in the Enrollment Center, clear the check box for any students you don’t want to send to AdminPlus at this time.

  2. Click Send to AP [F10], clear the check boxes of any SuperDB tables or Portfolio categories you don’t want to send to AdminPlus, click Send to AP [F10], and then click Yes.

Receive Students into AdminPlus

Students in the Admissions Holding Bin must be approved before they're received into the AdminPlus school year. To approve admission to AdminPlus, do the following:

  1. On the Shortcut Bar, click Database, and then click New Files.
  2. In the Add or Edit Names for Students or Staff dialog box, click HB: Admissions.
  3. In the Receive New Students/Staff From Holding Bin dialog box, click 1. Students from Admissions Plus Pro (# Students), and then click Next.
  4. In the View New Students: Admissions Plus Pro dialog box, select the students you want to receive from the Admissions Holding Bin, and then click Approve Admission.

    You can also select the Select All check box if you want to admit every student in the holding bin.

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