The first step of the New Year Process in Administrator's Plus is creating a new school year. This simply creates a copy of the current year and enables you to begin scheduling in the new year while the current year is still in session. Once you've created the new year, you should promote students to the next grade level and erase the current year's attendance and schedule data from the new year.


Before you create a new school year, you need to create a backup to make sure that your data is secure and available in case of an emergency. For more information on creating a backup, see Create and Schedule a Backup.

Create a New Year

  1. Make sure that all Administrator's Plus users are logged out of the system to prevent errors.
  2. Close all open screens, including the Home Screen.
  3. On the toolbar, click New Year.
  4. Once you're certain that no other users are logged into Administrator's Plus, click Yes to confirm the Network Warning message.

    Tip: You can check for logged in users via Help > Logged in Users. You can then lock Administrator's Plus so that users can't log in during this process via File > Lock/Unlock Administrator's Plus.

  5. In the Enter the Source Year for the Data dialog box, click the school year that you want to transfer data from. This should be the current school year. Then, click Select.
  6. Use the plus sign (+) or the minus sign (-) to navigate to the new school year you want to create, and then click Next.

  7. Once the congratulatory message appears in the Copy Files dialog box, click Done.

    Note: Contact Technical Support at800-882-2994 or to resolve issues if an error message appears.

  8. Click Yes to confirm the Scheduling Year Warning message to set the new year as a scheduling year.
  9. After your new year is created, you can navigate between school years by using the drop-down list in the toolbar.

Note: If you have the District Control module, you must add the new year for each school at the district level to view and edit new year data.

Customize Promotion Flow

By default, students in all grades will be promoted to the next grade level when you run the Beginning program, and students in the highest grade level will be deleted. If you have special grade levels that should not be promoted, you can customize the promotion flow. If not, skip this step and continue to "Promote Students."

  1. In Data Base, click Cust DB.
  2. In the Customize Data Base Plus dialog box, click 2. Setup grade levels.
  3. In the Promote To column, select DO NOT PROMOTE using the drop-down list for all grade levels you do not want to promote. Then click Done[F10].

    Note: You can't promote students to a grade level that is set to DO NOT PROMOTE. For example, if you set grade 12 to promote to grade 13, grade 13 can't be set to DO NOT PROMOTE.

Promote Students

Once you've checked that your promotion flow is accurate, promote students to the next grade level in the new year.

  1. On the toolbar, navigate to the new year you just created using the drop-down list.

  2. Make sure that all Administrator's Plus users are logged out of the system to prevent errors.
  3. In Data Base, click Beginning.
  4. Once you've created a backup of the current year, click Yes to confirm the Beginning Program Warning message.

  5. Once you're certain that you're in the new year directory, click Yes to confirm the Folder Warning message.

  6. Once you're certain that no other users are logged into Administrator's Plus, click Yes to confirm the Network Warning message.

  7. In the Specifications dialog box, do the following:

    1. Select the Promote Students check box to move all students up a single grade level in the new year.
    2. Select the Erase Attendance Data & Clear Calendar check box to erase the current year’s daily and period attendance data from the new year.
    3. Select the Erase Report Cards Data in Year 0 check box to erase the current year’s student schedules from the new year.
    4. Select additional applicable check boxes based on the Administrator's Plus modules that your school owns.

      Important: It’s strongly recommended that you select the Promote Students, Erase Attendance Data & Clear Calendar and the Erase Report Cards Data in Year 0 check boxes. It's also recommended that you select the Erase Discipline Data and Erase Billing Data check box, depending on school policy and usage of the Discipline and Billing modules. Selecting these options enables you to begin the new year with your students in the proper grade level and without having to manually delete data that has been copied into the new year.

  8. Click Done.
  9. Click Yes to confirm the Beginning Program Warning message.

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